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My name is Triana and I’ve been involved in some form of photography pretty much my whole life! As a young child, my grandfather used to take me out on his photoshoots for the architectural firm he worked for and the government projects he worked on as well. He also used to let me sit on a stool and watch him develop his own photos in a dark room. It was here I learned the ever lasting beauty of capturing a special moment in time on film. It was with him I learned my love of being the one to capture those moments.

I love capturing everyone’s individual beauty and personality in a snapshot. I’m not your typical sit-down-say-cheese-1-2-3 photographer. I love having fun, laughing, playing and joking around during my shoots. I love capturing the true personalities and memories you create.  I honestly feel that if you’re more comfortable with me as a photographer, you’re more likely to love your images, and that’s the ultimate goal! If you like what you see, let me know! We’ll go play in a really cool setting, have some smarties and dum-dums (clean treats for little ones… and let’s face it… big kids too! make the BEST incentives for photos!) and get some amazing shots of you and your lovey’s!

Thanks for your interest in Triana Ord Photography!

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