*family* larson

my friend taylor and her hubby were able to celebrate a very wonderful occasion this summer and we finally got to document the beautiful day! it only took us 3 months to actually get the pictures taken even though we spend 4 out of the 7 days a week together! aren’t they just a gorgeous eternal family!?!!?

*family* shaw

e. is my friend from highschool. s. is my hubby’s friend from his days in the computer store business. funny coinkidink that they got married (this has actually happened with 2 of our couple friends!) and they only live a few blocks from us! they’ve got 3 adorable little munchkins and couldn’t wait to take advantage of this beautiful weather we’ve been having so we hopped on over to a local dilapidated old barn (my favorite kind) to take some family pictures!

maternity * thatcher

miss j is my hubby’s best childhood friend and she and her hubby are about to welcome their first little bundle of joy into the world.  she asked me to come to colorado to take some photos documenting this beautiful stage in life. we also got a good family vacation out of it and some good times with some great friends! we’re so excited for you j & g! you’re going to make amazing parents!


give yourself a diva moment

lucille elaine is the most scrumptious, decadent and giddyfying shop i’ve had the opportunity to step into. so many beautiful things to look at and so many things to make you feel like you’re a 1940’s hollywood bombshell. you can’t help but feel that the moment you walk through the door.

seriously? how could you not want to waltz through the front doors of this delight???

miss lucille elaine herself. the inspiration and guiding light behind this treasure. mother and grandmother to owner and manager of the shop. isn’t she a beauty???

these dressing rooms make me want to wrap up in the hand sewn curtains and play scarlett o’hara!

loving the spring colors that have come in to hang on their sassy leopard print hangers!

handmade jewelry by local artisans and the owner, every girl needs a little sparkle!

this jacket is like butta… and the skirt.. yeah, i’m definitely hoping the skirt is there when i go back for it this week!

all i can say is a heeled jelly with a plaid clutch?? makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

go visit lucille’s ladies

they’re located in the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah right outside the nordstrom’s entrance, you can’t miss the gorgeous handwritten sign, you just can’t. you won’t be disappointed!. just do it.  i promise!