i am planning on heading to albuquerque, nm this weekend to visit some family for the holiday and have a few openings friday and saturday still open. the price is $125 for up to 5 people for the session which includes a CD of printable photos. if you’re interested please email me at triana@trianaordphotography.com

can’t wait to hear from you!!!!

babies * v & l

l and v are the babies of my friend brooke! l is a little older than my little man and baby v is just so squishy! the way newborns are supposed to be! he was such a good little guy, i couldn’t believe he would just sit and let me fold him and position him and with only a few little “i can’t believe you’re doing this” looks! thanks brooke!!!

charm * capitol reef

the last camping trip my little family took this year was to capitol reef. i wasn’t sure what we were getting ourselves into considering the first night we tried to find a camping spot at 10pm and ended up staying in a yicky motel. But Saturday morning we ventured around and saw some really great stuff! I can’t wait to get some prints of them to hang them around my house.

(this last one needs to be shifted but I still LOVE it!)

family * hancock

jo was so sweet to set up this entire weekend in roosevelt for me to do quite a few shoots in one really short weekend! it was so wonderful to meet all these beautiful people and to capture so many great moments! thank you so much jo! and thank you lola for letting me stay in your beautiful room!