family * richards

this family was to die for! i was so excited to be able to get to know them and to capture their infectious personalities!

Don’t you just want to squeeze her!?!?  Miss P was the comedy act through the whole shoot! One day I hope to have a little girl as scrumptious as she is!

This guy…. well the eyebrow says it all! He’ll be a heartbreaker!

This little dude was so easy to photograph! Such a natural!

Oh K! I’m pretty positive your dad is going to need to keep a shotgun on permanent “cleaning duty” to scare off all the boys! And if being gorgeous wasn’t enough… she’s an amazing big sister!

From happy to annoyed… she wasn’t too keen on me. The smiles I got were because her big sis was doing an amazing job keeping her grinning! But I just couldn’t resist, this picture is probably my new favorite!

Yeah… watch out ladies!

BJ I know you were worried that these were taking so long because I needed to work on them! I’m sorry!!! I got them all done and then we got sick! But I am going to take care of the spot you talked to me about, it may just take me a little bit longer! I hope these give you a taste at what amazing photos your gorgeous photos take!

family * indo

i have probably been friends with emily the longest of all of my friends. she knows me so well! so when she won the drawing on my website for a free photoshoot back in august, i was super excited to be able to capture the love and energy of her cute little family!  mr. n was a riot! just one, he had just learned the word “no” and was very excited to show me how well he knew it! but he warmed up to me, i think…! enjoy lme!


senior * maya

maya is one half of a fun pair of twins i shot last week. her brother, stav, tagged along the first half of her senior photo session and we had a blast! these two were a riot, and i’m jealous of their smarts as well as the fact that they’ve been overseas many times and maya’s guts to walk up and down nob hill barefoot!

senior * nicole

this gorgeous girl was soooo much fun to work with! we chatted about books, the obstacles and benefits of being an only child and what she’s planning on doing after graduation! nicole, you’re gorgeous and you’ve got some great plans! have fun lady and thanks so much for letting me get some amazing shots of you!


family * wagner

this adorable little family was a referral from this session. i had so much fun playing with m & m… the adorable little ladies were such a riot! blondie took very little prompting and has the most gorgeous eyes!!! And if little miss would have let me, I’d probably have held her all night!