gillian’s a friend of my brother’s who’s getting married in 2 weeks and i thought it would be fun to go and take some fun photos of her! thanks gillian!

maggie zu

miss maggie zu’s mommy is my hubby’s cousin, and i love them both to pieces! we’ve been trying since this gorgeous baby was born to get photos taken of her, i’m so glad we finally did! i’m thinking that since we got so many amazing photos of this baby there will be many more photo shoots in her future!

a baby

you might remember this little lady from last year. well, now she’s almost 9 months old and even cuter than before! her mama is now a cloth diapering queen, and is converting me (i’ll probably cloth diaper when we have baby #2 all because of this lady!) the knitted pants are called ‘soakers’ and this little mama has a few of the cutest ones i’ve ever seen! a’s big brother is my little man’s buddy and he just had to get in on the action!