happy holiday promo!

i’m starting to feel a little christmas cheer so i thought i’d offer a little holiday special!  book a sitting before the end of november and receive more than 60% off! for $50 we’ll do a 30-60 minute family (up to 5 people, we’ll work out a deal if it’s more) or child sitting and you’ll receive a CD of up to 20 images and a holiday card design if you’d like!

please email me at triana@trianaordphotography.com if you’d like more information or if you’d like to book a sitting!



when i did my little sister’s senior photos, her friend jana came too! it was soooo good to see you again jana! thanks for enduring the ride from ABQ to have me do your photos (i know there were other reasons…*cough* *cough* but i like to think you came just for my services!)

i promise there’s more to come!


currently we’re going through some growing pains with the new website and blog.

you may have noticed that my contact information, pricing, and specials have disappeared! and until i can figure out how to fix the blog, i’ll leave the general info on this post.

if you’d like to book a session please email me at:


general pricing:
$125 per session
*High res CD of 20-30 images from your session.

*creative digital editing.

*session lasts 60-90 minutes.

*to request a print enlargement price sheet or inquire about other services (engagements, group sessions, travel fees, announcements, etc.) please email me.


and there are specials to come!



kristina and miah: the wedding

i have to say that this couple ROCKS! they threw the reception together in about an hour, which was amazing! the ceremony was beautiful with adorable little fairies throwing fall leaves down the isle and the ringbearer who almost lost the grooms ring! the reception was full of fall fun, dancing and tons and tons of laughter! sadly, we ran out of daylight so i’ll be taking pictures of just the two of them later on, stay tuned for that. for now, here’s the gorgeous wedding!

stay tuned for more!

laurie bridals

laurie is the bride from a wedding i’m doing later this fall. she’s the fiance` of a good friend of mine from high school. we first started out at a park where we were afraid of getting hit by a football, then decided that the fountain in someone’s front yard was really cool (don’t worry we knocked on the door… no one answered though!) then we went to a cool bridge in saratoga springs. all i have to say is: dan, you dang lucky lucky boy!

stay tuned for more….